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How Does a Beneficiary Obtain Information About a New York City Trust?

A New York beneficiary is entitled to information about their trust. If the trustee is ignoring the beneficiary’s request for information about the trust, it may be a good first step to have an attorney write them a letter. If the trustee still does not cooperate, Section 2102(1) of the Surrogate Court Procedures Act provides that a beneficiary can petition the court to force the trustee to provide information about a New York trust.  The statute states: “a proceeding may be commenced to require a fiduciary to supply information concerning the assets or affairs of an estate relevant to the interest of the petitioner when the fiduciary has failed after a request made upon him in writing therefor.”

If it turns out that the trustee is mishandling the funds, the beneficiary can petition the court to remove the trustee and have the trust reimbursed for the lost property.

If you need the help of a New York estate attorney in bringing a trust information proceeding, call the Law Offices of Albert Goodwin at (212) 233-1233.