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How an Insurance Lawyer Can Help You Get the Recovery You’re Entitled To

If your insurance claim was denied, an insurance lawyer can help you get the full recovery you are entitled to.

Most insurance companies accept claims of small amounts, but when it comes to large claims, these insurance companies always find reasons to deny it, no matter how legitimate your claim may be. Many are disheartened and simply accept the denial. This is what the insurance company wants you to do. They know that it takes more work and more expense to appeal a denial, and they know not everyone has the resources to continue the claim.

Sometimes, insurance companies will offer you an amount substantially lower than what you are claiming. If you do not have the time, the wisdom, or the resources to question this amount, you will simply settle for whatever the insurance company will give you.

This is also partly how insurance companies earn: by denying, either partially or wholly, legitimate insurance claims. When this happens, you need an experienced insurance lawyer beside you to guide you with your arguments, the supporting documentation you need, including letters you need to prepare, and to advise you on whether an insurance company’s settlement offer is acceptable or not, given the strength of your claim.

An insurance lawyer can assist you in proving your claim a strong claim, complete with supporting documentation, to minimize any risk of the insurance company denying your claim.

If needed, the insurance lawyer will litigate your insurance claim.

When your claim is strong and the amount at stake is reasonably large and supported by documentary evidence, an insurance lawyer may agree to accept your case on a contingency basis. In this case, the lawyer will only be paid once the insurance company settles your claim or an award is made by a court in your favor.

Different types of insurance

Many persons and corporations insure different types of risks because it is required or they want to have peace of mind that they have the funds to pay in case an accident happens. These persons and companies get different types of insurance, such as:

  • Directors and officers liability insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Environmental insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Errors and omissions insurance
  • Key partner insurance
  • Construction-related insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Real estate-related insurance

When insurance companies deny your insurance claims related to any of the above coverages, you should consult an insurance lawyer immediately.

Reasons insurance companies use for denying a claim

It may feel unfair when you diligently pay premiums for a risk you would like the insurance company to cover, only to find out later that the insurance company is denying your coverage for unreasonable causes. When your case is strong and the insurance company sees that you are represented by an insurance lawyer, the insurance company will most likely settle your claim. Your insurance lawyer will be able to tell you whether the settlement amount being offered is adequate and within market standards.

Insurance companies will deny an insurance claim for several reasons, such as:

  • Insurance coverage has lapsed
  • Failure to get pre-certification or pre-authorization
  • Filing after insurance company’s deadline
  • Failure to disclose a medical condition
  • Failure to pay insurance premiums on time
  • Wrong information listed on the application, such as age, income, and weight
  • You were partially or wholly at fault for the accident
  • The claim exceeds your maximum coverage
  • Your claimed injury was not diagnosed by a doctor
  • Failure to reinstate an insurance policy after it has lapsed
  • You did not receive a medical evaluation immediately after the accident
  • There is a dispute as to which insurance company is liable for the accident
  • Failure to notify your insurance company immediately
  • Duplicate claims
  • Insufficient medical necessity
  • Use of medical provider that is not covered by the insurance company

An insurance lawyer can help you challenge the insurance company’s denial of your claim. It is important to immediately contact an insurance lawyer because the prescribed periods for filing and appealing insurance claims are strict. Failure to file within the time period can result to the loss of your right to claim or appeal.

Strategies an insurance lawyer can use to help you satisfy your claim

Especially for large claims, the chances of you getting your insurance claim denied is lower if you get an insurance lawyer at the onset. Some tasks of your insurance lawyer may include:

  • Guiding in the gathering of documentation required for your insurance claim
  • Formulating, submitting, and adjusting complex insurance claims
  • Protesting unreasonable delays in processing claims
  • Responding to harassing and burdensome insurance investigations
  • Identifying unconscionable insurance practices
  • Opposing unjustified definitions of medical conditions, necessary treatments, deductibles, exclusions, co-pays and conditions

Getting denied your insurance claim can be demoralizing. An insurance lawyer can help you challenge this denial. Should you need an insurance lawyer, we at the Law Offices of Albert Goodwin are here for you. We have offices in New York, NY, Brooklyn, NY and Queens, NY. You can call us at 718-509-9774 or send us an email at attorneyalbertgoodwin@gmail.com.