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Sample New York Will Form

You can download here:

Sample New York Will Form

Read the Instructions and Warnings Carefully!


The person making the will has to say to the witnesses: “this is my Will.”

The person making the will must sign in the presence of the witnesses – the witnesses must see him/her sign.

Witnesses must sign in the appropriate spaces.


Even if you think you are using the form the right way, it still may not work and it’s not guaranteed to work. Best hire a New York estate attorney and get it done the right way.

This is a form for the simplest NY Will possible. Only use this sample New York Will form in very small and very simple estates and when you are absolutely sure that the Will is not going to be contested.

This form only works to give your entire estate to one person. If you’re going to modify this form to do something else, it may not work the way you expect it to.

You are taking a risk – without the advise of an estate attorney, the Will may not work the way you expect and may not stand up to a Will challenge if one is ever brought.


Any changes you make to the will after it gets signed in front of witnesses will not be valid – you’ll need to make a new Will.