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Client Reviews

Albert Goodwin, Esq. has a track record of positive client reviews. See our Google Reviews and Avvo Reviews reproduced here:

My family and I were selling our home in Brooklyn to move to a beautiful dreamy house in NJ to be close to my children and grand children. We were moving along until the atttorney I retained to handle the sale informed me that there was a lien on our home… We were told that he did not handle matters like this. I asked what the lien was and I gasped and almost fainted. I informed my brother as to what had happened and he contacted Mr. Goodwin. He came by our home and spoke with us and assured us that all would work out well. The next day he requested that my brother forward several documents to him. He began his magic, an employeee from the NYC Agency contacted us and told us that our attorney was working on our case and not to pay any lien until the matter was finalized… After a short time passed we were informed by Mr.Goodwin and the NYC Dept. of Finance that the lien was removed, why because of several laws that Mr.Goodwin was quite familiar with. Strange how other attorneys involved knew nothing about these laws. I am now in NJ enjoying my children and grandchildren,awaiting our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together… This was all made possible thrugh Mr. Goodwin’s diligence, hard work, knowledge of the law and his dedication to his clients. Thank you Albert May God Bless You each and every day.

Mr. Albert Goodwin has helped me with a difficult legal matter requiring much analysis and comprehensive knowledge. He is gifted in memory and observation. He is very responsive and amiable. He intelligently handles difficult situations. He is fair with capital requirements and details his work well. He delivers what is promised. His morality is rarely observed in New York City attorneys. He is one of the best attorneys we have ever worked with!

Albert Goodwin is a great estate attorney. He’s settled my New York probate without any hassle. He is a friendly person and very professional, his staff as well. When we went together to court, it seemed that other attorneys and the judge knew who he was, which made me feel confident in my case. Thank you for helping me out.

Albert Goodwin facilitated an estate settlement for me. I reside in another state and he kept me infomed on all negotiations. The whole matter was settled without my having to go to New York. I highly recommend his legal services.

In a trust case, Attorney Albert Goodwin did a fabulous job sorting through the facts, meticulously to get to the heart of the case. There was quite a bit of study involved. He kept great records and everything was filed on time. He is very responsive and took the case to judge enforcement. He is a real professional. I would rate him a 10 and give him a top 5 Star rating, he’s the best.

Mr. Albert Goodwin represented me as the beneficiary of a trust. This very complicated & difficult issue had been unresolved for 24 years!
I finally received my rightful share, only after Mr. Goodwin used his intelligence, observational skills & foresight to win.
He has excellent morality…something sadly missing in most people in the 21st Century.
I am thankful & grateful I hired Mr. Goodwin as my attorney. He went above and beyond to win. I highly reccomend his services.

Mr. Albert Goodwin is one of the best lawyers we have ever worked with. He has a gifted IQ in observation and memory; he`s extremely personable and responsive. He’s very efficient in billing and has great attention to detail. He has great patience with difficult people. He has a morality that is rarely found in New York attorneys. He will do what he says. You can depend on him. He has helped us immensely with trust law.

This attorney drafted a will for me. The will was drafter in a professional matter, and was pretty fast. A positive experience overall, would recommend.

I asked for Albert Goodwin’s service only once some time ago: writing a will for me.
In one session he completed the whole process of writing the will – without any hassle. He is a friendly person and very professional, and he was very generous in giving me a fee discount because of me being an underpaid musician in NY at that time.

This attorney closed out my mother’s estate, with me receiving the rightful share, to the surprise and dismay of my sister who was the executor. He worked tirelessly on my case, and got results., This is how it should be done. I would recommend Mr. Goodwin to anyone with an estate problem – he gets them resolved.