How Important is Having a Last Will & Testament? Ask the Pistol Annies. . .

Country Band, The Pistol Annies, released a new album on August 23rd, with a track entitled “Family Feud.” “Family Feud” is song about a family feuding over personal items of their deceased mother only a day or two after her passing.

Pistol Annies member, Ashley Monroe, said this song hit close to home for her. “I lost my father and the day after I had family members come and grab all of his tools.” Unfortunately this type of scenario is not very uncommon. As an estate attorney, I’ve seen first hand how many people end up in fights over all sorts of real and personal property after a loved one dies.

An excerpt from “Family Feud” shows had sad this experience can be:

Fine china stacked by the kitchen sink
Aunt Tammie’s in there claiming all the diamond rings
Uncle Bobbs holding up the TV set
The only thing they are grieving over
Is what they ain’t gonna get
She’s only been in the ground a day or two
I’m glad Mama ain’t around to watch this family fued
Great gran daddy’s shotgun started it all
She wasn’t even cold
Before they ripped it off the wall
Wanda’s fighting Angie over antique quilts
Nobody even waited for the reading of the will
If Daddy was here he’d beat us black and blue
I’m glad mama ain’t around to watch this family fued

To avoid making an already painful situation worse, you should make a Last Will & Testament which disposes of your assets in a way you feel most comfortable. This will leave you with peace of mind that your assets are going to the people who you choose and want to receive them, and not who the state chooses. In addition, you will be comforted knowing that in leaving a Last Will & Testament, you are preventing your family members from fighting over who gets what.

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