Can I Make a Change In My Already Existing New York Will?

If you try to make changes to your will by writing in the actual New York will, the changes will most likely be disregarded at the time the will is probated.  It is important to work with an estate lawyer that will look at your particular situation and explain the best course of action under New York law for you. In New York there are only two ways a person can make changes to an already existing will. The first way is to write a new will which revokes and replaces the first will. This may be a good option if the changes to your estate distribution are significant. This subsequent will needs to be properly executed just as the first will was. The second way is to execute a codicil. A codicil is basically an amendment to the first will (it is duly executed just like a will). Codicils may be valid options to amend the first will if the codicil changes only part of the first will.

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