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How Much Does a Will Cost in NYC? And What Factors Influence the Price?

How much does a will cost in NYC

How much does a Will cost in NYC? Typically, about $1,200. It could cost more if one of the following is a factor:

  • a large estate
  • a testamentary trust built into the will
  • complicated arrangements, such as having multiple people receive property or cash bequests
  • disinheriting children, spouse or other relatives
  • travel to the client’s location
  • urgency

In a large estate, a will costs more because there are more strategies that the estate attorney needs to utilize in order to protect the estate from issues that may come up. A testamentary trust involves more work than a will, it’s essentially a new document built into the will, in which case trust pricing would apply. If a will involves a complicated arrangement, then the estate attorney will need to spend hours, and sometimes tens of hours more on figuring out what the arrangement is and writing it down, as well as having the client change their mind about the arrangement and reassign which people have which property and how much of it. If someone is disinheriting a child, spouse or other relatives, the attorney has to spend much more time documenting the will as the attorney will possibly need to testify about the will to the court and in depositions. The attorney will also have to develop defensive strategies, such as deciding whether or not to record the will execution on video. If the attorney needs to travel to the client’s location, the attorney will raise the cost of the will. Urgency contributes to the cost of the will in NYC as well, as the estate attorney will have to work overtime to complete the will as well as to catch up on other projects that get pushed back as a result.

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