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New York City Probate Lawyer Albert Goodwin, Esq.

We help administrators and executors close out and settle New York estates in administration and probate proceedings. With a qualified New York City probate attorney, you will be able to close and settle estate matters without unneeded expenses and delays.

This is what people usually ask about probate:

As a New York City probate attorney, I am serious about helping loved ones carry out the last wishes of the decedent. We take pride in representing administrators in estate proceedings and executors in probate proceedings.

From the first stages of filing the Petition to the time of the Order discharging the Estate Administrator or Executor, we will meticulously follow your estate administration proceeding, helping you to carry out your duties.

If you are an administrator or executor, we will

  • assist you in the inventory
  • collection
  • and appraisal of the estate’s assets
  • advise you which creditors need to be paid
  • will help you decide how to distribute assets in a way which preserves the estate and benefits the beneficiaries

After getting to know our firm, call us or meet with us to discuss ways in which we can be of service to you. We can be reached at (212) 233-1233.

We are looking forward to handling your estate administration or probate matter and securing the estate property for generations to come.