Dangerous activities and the importance of a Will or Estate.

In a previous post I mentioned that if you participate in dangerous activities such as sky diving or high altitude climbing it’s especially important to have a Will or Estate in Place.  Recently I read about a story where one man took this to the extreme.  Recently a Boston man decided to jump out of his boat and try to ride a 10+ foot shark.  This sounds completely unbelievable right?  Nobody would do that, it’s just crazy.  I thought so too, until I saw a video where he’s doing just that.

Middleborough’s Erik Jacobs, was out fishing when a large shark was swimming under his boat, as it passed under the boat and started to come out the other side Erik jumped into the water and road the shark for a few seconds before letting go of it’s fin and swimming back to his boat.  It was certainly a once in a lifetime experience and absolutely crazy, it’s even crazier that it was caught on film.  His actions really show the importance for someone like him to have proper estate planning to setup a Will, Trust or Estate.

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