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We are will contest attorneys in New York City. We’ve been in practice since 2008. Losing someone you love is hard. Finding out issues with their will makes it harder. We can help if you need to contest or defend a will.

Our law firm has over fifteen years of experience handling will contests in New York. We represent people who want to challenge wills. We also defend wills from contests.

We have a deep focus on will contest cases. We have extensive experience with them. This gives us deep knowledge of capacity, influence and execution disputes. It helps us build strong cases for our clients.

We have a proven record of favorable settlements and case outcomes. Every situation is unique. We develop custom legal strategies using the best arguments.

Please contact us with any questions or for a case assessment. Our experienced legal team can review your specific will contest or defense needs. You can call us at 212-233-1233 or send us an email at [email protected] to discuss your situation.

Why Hire Us as Your Will Contest Attorneys

You probably have many lawyers to choose from. Why pick us? Here’s why clients choose our firm:

  • Proven results, not just promises

    We have a strong record of proven results in will contests. We’ve achieved many favorable settlements and case outcomes for clients over the years. This offers our clients confidence in the firm.

  • Knowledge and experience

    Our lawyers have taken on many will contests over our history. We’ve seen all types of scenarios and problems. We have experience with capacity, undue influence, execution standards, and other legal contest grounds. Our firm offers deep knowledge of the intricacies and case law surrounding will challenges.

  • Focus on will contests

    We have a deep focus on will contest cases. For over fifteen years handling these disputes exclusively, we have deep knowledge of all issues that arise.

  • Custom strategies

    Each case has unique aspects. We tailor creative legal arguments and strategies to clients’ specific situations and goals. Stock approaches don’t cut it on these variable cases. We craft custom arguments and innovative tactics aligned to your goals.

  • Compassion and care for clients

    We listen closely to understand what clients aim to achieve. Our lawyers are determined but compassionate advocates. We combine legal vigor with genuine empathy and concern for each client’s unique needs during this stressful process. Read the reviews from our satisfied clients.

  • Wisdom to identify resolution options

    Most matters settle, requiring judgment to determine if an offer aligns with potential trial outcomes or not.

  • Relentless pursuit of the evidence

    Meticulous inspection of documents and filings signals we leave no stone unturned to build evidentiary support on your behalf.

  • A Drive to Win

    At Goodwin Law, we enter every case with relentless determination to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Contesting or defending a will is not just a clinical intellectual exercise for our lawyers. We invest heart and soul into the fight for justice. This passion fuels the extra hours of preparation and creativity to build the strongest case arguments we can under the unique circumstances of each dispute. If you desire attorneys who refuse to back down from this fight when so much is at stake, our team brings the energy, grit, and passion needed to win.

If you need to contest or defend a will, hire a firm dedicated fully to this area. Contact us for information on why clients choose us to represent them in these complex disputes.

Why Wills Get Contested

There are a few main reasons people often dispute or challenge a will. These include:

  • Lack of capacity

    The person making the will must be of sound mind. If mental capacity was compromised, the will may not be valid.

  • Undue influence

    Someone pressuring, threatening, or manipulating the person who made the will. This can invalidate provisions.

  • Improper execution

    Wills require certain steps to be valid like proper witnessing. Technical defects could make the will void.

  • Suspicious changes

    Major changes from previous wills or estate plans can prompt contests over the reasons.

  • Unfairness

    Even without legal grounds, perceived unfairness leads heirs to contest surprisingly often.

These are some of the common disputes we see. The law sets a high bar for invalidating a will, but defects do happen. An experienced legal eye is needed to identify and argue the best contest grounds.

Every scenario is unique when a will gets contested. Contact us for information on how we assess the specifics to build strong case strategies.

Contesting a Will – What to Expect

Once you decide to move forward contesting a will, here is an overview of what typically happens:

  • We review documents

    We thoroughly examine the will, trust, estate plan documents and more for defects.

  • We assess will contest grounds

    We analyze capacity, influence, execution issues to identify the strongest legal bases to dispute the will.

  • Objections get filed

    The person contesting the will files timely objections to the probate of the will.

  • Discovery

    We seek documents, ask written questions, and take depositions to build evidence for the case.

  • Motions

    Such as requests to dismiss certain claims or arguments on legal merits from either side.

  • Settlement talks

    Most cases settle before trial but negotiations take strategic experience and skill.

  • Trial

    If we don’t reach a settlement, taking the will dispute to trial culminates in a judge or jury decision.

  • Appeals

    Either side can appeal the trial judgment if grounds exist that legal errors impacted the outcome.

This is the standard progression of a will contest lawsuit. The unique details of each case alter timeframes and specific next steps along the way. Please reach out to us for guidance tailored to your particular situation and goals.

Getting Your Case Evaluated

If you have doubts about a will’s validity after someone passes away, we recommend taking these steps:

  • Gather documents

    Locate the will, trusts, estate plans and any records on incapacity or undue influence concerns.

  • Review on your own

    Look over the documents carefully yourself for any provisions that seem problematic, unfair or inconsistent.

  • Contact us

    Describe your specific issues with the will and why you feel it may be defective or worth contesting.

  • We evaluate your case

    Our attorneys will thoroughly evaluate your grounds based on the documents and details you provide.

  • We explain your options

    We will discuss whether legally sound reasons exist to challenge the will along with projected costs and timeframes.

  • You decide your next moves

    Using the case assessment, you can determine if moving ahead with a formal contest makes sense for your situation.

You can reach out to us at any time to get our experienced team’s perspective. We are located in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. We cover Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County. Give us a call at 212-233-1233 or send us an email at [email protected]. At Goodwin Law, we are here for you.

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