New York Home Attendant Fraud Lawyer

If you are being accused of Home Attendant Fraud, contact a New York City Home Attendant Fraud Lawyer. We defend clients in cases that include allegations of:

  1. Inadequate or False Home Care Certification
  2. Not reporting the correct scope of work
  3. No reporting proper hours
  4. Not being at work when you are supposed to be
  5. Having the clients “call you in” and “call you out” with the home health agency
  6. Having someone else work your hours

Whether you are employed by a Home Health Aid agency that gets paid by Medicaid, Medicare or a private insurance such as United Healthcare, we can represent you in your Home Attendant Fraud or Home Health Aide fraud.

If you are being accused of reporting inaccurate information as a home health aide or nursing home aid worker, do not speak about it to your employer, the police, investigators or district attorney’s office. Instead, give us a call today and speak with an attorney. Investigators are skilled at extracting damaging information, and employers are just there to protect themselves, even if it’s at your expense.

Things happen, and people make mistakes. Don’t let a fraud conviction ruin your life and your future. Call New York home health aide attorney Albert Goodwin at (212) 233-1233.

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