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New York Estate Law Practice and Surrogate’s Court Forms

Here are the most common forms used in New York estate practice in the Surrogate’s Court.

New York Small Estate Forms

New York Small Estate Affidavit

New York Estate Administration  Forms

Petition for Letters of Administration New York

Administration Citation New York

Affidavit of Regularity

Decree Appointing Administrator

Notice of Application for Letters of Administration

Notice to Consul General

Waiver of Citation Renunciation and Consent to Appointment of Administrator

New York Guardianship Forms

Petition for Appointment of Guardian – New York

New York Estate Probate Forms

Petition for Probate Notice of Probate New York

Application to Dispense with Testimony of Attesting Witness

Application for Preliminary Letters Testamentary

Affidavit Proving Handwriting

Affidavit of Service of Citation

Affidavit of No Debt

Affidavit of Comparison

Affidavit of Attesting Witness to Will

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