Nassau County Surrogate’s Court Fees

Nassau County Surrogate’s Court Fees are stated in the Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act, § 2402. Here is the list of fees by procedure, for easy reference:

7. The fee schedule for subdivision 1 through 7 inclusive is as follows:

Value of Estate or Subject Matter Fee Rate
Less than $ 10,000 $ 45.00
10,000 but under 20,000 75.00
20,000 but under 50,000 215.00
50,000 but under 100,000 280.00
100,000 but under 250,000 420.00
250,000 but under 500,000 625.00
500,000 and over 1,250.00

8. (a) For filing a petition to commence the following proceedings, the fee shall be as indicated:

SCPA Fee Rate
607 To punish respondent for contempt $ 30.00
711 Suspend, modify, revoke letters or remove a fiduciary other than a custodian or guardian 75.00
711 Suspend, modify, revoke letters or remove a custodian or guardian 30.00
715 Application of fiduciary to resign 30.00
717 Suspend powers-fiduciary in war 0.00
1401 Compel production of will 20.00
1420 Construction of will 75.00
1421 Determination of right of election 75.00
1502 Appointment of trustee 45.00
1508 Release against state 50.00
1703 Appointment of guardian 20.00
2003 Open safe deposit box 20.00
2102 Proceedings against a fiduciary 20.00
2103 Proceedings by fiduciary to discover property 75.00
2107 Advice and directions 75.00
2108 Continue business 45.00
2114 Review corporate trustee compensation 10.00
2205 Petition to compel fiduciary to account 30.00
EPTL 7-4.6 Appointment of successor custodian 20.00

(b) For filing a petition to commence a proceeding for the appointment of a trustee of a lifetime trust or for the appointment of a conservator, the fee shall be the same as that which is payable in the supreme court pursuant to section eight thousand eighteen of the civil practice law and rules.

9. For filing:

(i) a demand for trial by jury in any proceeding, SCPA 502 $ 150.00
(ii) objections to the probate of a will SCPA 1410 150.00
(iii) a note of issue in any proceeding 45.00
(iv) objection or answer in any action or proceeding other than probate 75.00
(v) a will for safekeeping pursuant to section 2507 of this act except that the court in any county may reduce or dispense with such fee 45.00
(vi) a bond, including any additional bond:
less than $ 10,000 20.00$
10,000 and over 30.00


For furnishing a transcript of a decree $20.00


For a certificate of letters evidencing that the appointment of a fiduciary is still in full force and effect: $ 6.00


(a) For making and certifying or comparing and certifying a copy of a will or any paper on file or recorded in his office: $ 6.00 pg.
(b) Authenticating the same, additional: $ 20.00


For searching and certifying to any record
for which search is made:
$ 30.00 for under 25 years$ 90.00 for over 25 years


(a) For producing papers, documents, books of record on
file in his office under a subpoena duces tecum,
for use within the county where the office
of the court is situated:
$ 30.00
(b) for use in any other county, such fee to be paid for
each day or part thereof that the messenger is
detailed from the office and to be in addition
to mileage fee and the necessary expenses of the
messenger. The clerk
of the court shall not be
required to make any collection or return of
the money so paid for expenses:
$ .30

15. For recording:

(a) any instrument, decree or other
paper which is required by law
to be recorded:
$ 8.00 per pg. or part $ 16.00 minimum
(b) for filing an authenticated copy of
a foreign will:
$ 8.00 per pg. $ 64.00 minimum
(c) for taxing bill of costs: 15.00

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