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Estate Attorney Near Me

If you are looking for someone who is an estate attorney near me and you are in the New York City area, look no further than Albert Goodwin, Esq. You can send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 212-233-1233 or 718-509-9774.

Estate Planning

Estate attorney near me Albert Goodwin is committed to helping seniors meet the challenges of getting older. As a senior, your income may have declined when you stopped working, but your medical and living expenses are soaring. You are gradually becoming more vulnerable and more dependent on others. Depending on the state of your health, you may need a home health aide or to be in a living facility. You are worried if you will have enough money to maintain your lifestyle and if there will be anything left for your family.
Estate planning attorney Albert Goodwin can help you maintain a comfortable lifestyle while preserving your wealth for the next generation of your family.

As New York estate attorney near me, we can help protect you and your loved ones from losing your hard-earned assets to the government, attorneys, creditors and in-laws. You worked hard to get to where you are today, and it makes sense to reduce financial risk by protecting your assets with a trust. Here are some of the goals that a New York estate attorney near me may be able to accomplish for you:

  • Qualify for Medicaid
  • Protection from creditors and lawsuits
  • Avoid probate
  • Protection from your children’s spouses and creditors
  • Maintain privacy from creditors
  • Avoid multiple-state probate proceedings
  • Protection from irresponsible and inexperienced children
  • Management of funds for minor children or grandchildren
  • Avoid interruption of income and use of assets
  • Provide planning for mental disability
  • Preserve your loved ones’ right to qualify for Medicaid and SSI
  • Save money on estate taxes

Estate Litigation

As an estate attorney lawyer near me in the NYC area, Albert Goodwin represents people who suspect that they are getting short-changed on their rightful inheritance. We have clients who have been grossly mistreated and lied to by the executor, who is usually a relative and a person they are supposed to trust. We also have clients with the opposite problem – they are executors who are being unfairly accused by the beneficiaries of the estate. An estate attorney’s job is to enforce his clients’ rights and do everything in his power to win their case.

Probate an Estate

Albert Goodwin, Esq. is a New York estate attorney near me who helps administrators and executors close out and settle estates. Our knowledge of the court system allows us to close and settle matters in New York Surrogate’s Court without unneeded expenses and delays.
The probate process has many components. If you are the person in charge of the estate and are going to be probating a will here’s roughly what the process would look like:

  • you get appointed by the court to be in charge of the estate
  • you locate estate property
  • pay the decedent’s debts and taxes
  • resolve any disagreements
  • and finally distribute the remainder of the property to the heirs

Those probate process steps can vary and they can overlap. To be successful, you’d have to carefully complete each one of those steps. You would greatly benefit from having a New York estate attorney represent your throughout the process.

The probate process can be difficult to navigate. It is filled with technicalities, deadlines, traps for the unwary and red tape. For that reason, you want to have a New York estate attorney navigate you through the process, whether someone died without a will or you are probating a will.

If you are looking for a will and estate attorney near me in New York, NY, NYC, you can call Albert Goodwin, Esq for the best representation. We can be reached at 212-233-1233 or 718-509-9774.