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We are New York estate planning attorneys. We are in practice since 2008. We can put together your estate plan. It will include a will and powers of attorney, and possibly one or more trusts and other documents.

You can call us at 212-233-1233 or send us an email at [email protected] to discuss your situation.

How We Prepare Your Estate Plan

We take a customized approach to every estate plan, focused on your and your family’s needs. From our first conversation until your estate plan is complete, we make sure your estate plan reflects your wishes and provides the most benefits possible to you and your family.

  • Initial consultation

    We spend extensive time listening and learning during an initial consultation. We ask in-depth questions to fully understand your specific goals, relationships, assets, and intentions for your legacy.

  • Learn about your situation

    Through ongoing discussions, we explore your family dynamics, asset details, distribution wishes, tax considerations, and key objectives. We view estate planning as a collaborative process and two-way dialogue.

  • Create a customized plan

    Based on our earlier conversations, we create your customized estate planning documents and recommendations. No two plans are alike because no two people are alike. We draft uniquely tailored plans to thoughtfully distribute assets per your wishes.

  • Prepare your documents

    We prepare your legal documents – wills, trusts, deeds, etc. – with great attention to detail. We aim for precision that leaves no room for misinterpretation. We also discuss options for transferring specific assets like homes, investment accounts or businesses to the people you want.

  • Execute your documents

    We make sure the signing and execution of your documents goes smoothly. We are there when you sign the documents and when the witnesses witness them. We make sure all of the formalities are followed. We make sure everything is compliant and everything is made right, to minimize any issues coming up in the future.

  • Provide ongoing guidance

    Our relationship does not have to end once the documents are signed. We provide instructions on storing the documents and keeping them updated as life evolves. And we remain available to you with ongoing support. Things change, and we will be there to make sure your estate plan reflects the changes.

Who Needs Estate Planning Attorneys

You would think that only the ultra-rich need estate planning. But in reality, everyone can benefit from planning for their future. Everyone wants more certainty about what happens to their assets after their death. Our estate planning attorneys offer services for:

  • High net-worth individuals

    If you are a wealthy person, you need to protect your wealth and pass it on with minimal issues. You know that the way to build wealth is to preserve it for future generations.

  • Homeowners

    If you are a homeowner, you want to choose who inherits your home after your death. You want to protect the home from creditors, spouses, and unnecessary taxes.

  • Retirees and pension holders

    You want to make sure your investments and savings go to the right people.

  • Parents with minor children

    You want to make sure that people you trust take care of your children if something happens to you.

  • Family-owned business owners

    You worked hard to build your business. You want to keep operations running smoothly and not lose customers.

  • Young professionals

    You want to get an early start on preserving and protecting your wealth.

  • Estate executors and trustees

    You want to understand the process and responsibilities

  • Any adult over 18

    You want to cover your bases and gain peace of mind.

When you plan your estate, you decide what happens to your assets after your death. You, and not the court, decide who gets your assets. We would be honored to help you with the process.

Why Choose Us as Your New York City Estate Planning Attorneys

When selecting an estate planning attorney, you need someone you can trust to protect your legacy. Our firm offers exemplary service and peace of mind.

  • Our focus is on you

    We take ample time to understand your unique situations and goals first. Our advice is always tailored specifically to you through extensive conversations. We draft customized plans to reflect your wishes down to every last detail. Ongoing access, communication and responsiveness are central to our relationships with people who put their trust in us.

  • We have seasoned experience

    We have been practicing estate planning law since 2008. We keep closely up-to-date with the latest state and federal laws and emerging strategies. We also study the intricacies of recent court decisions shaping how laws are applied and interpreted. This seasoned experience allows us to create proactive plans that stand the test of time.

  • We provide cost-effective solutions

    Estate planning does not have to be a major investment. Our reasonable fees make exemplary planning affordable. We will help you gain value through education and focus on the strategies matching your priorities. Our goal is to provide access to quality estate planning at a fair cost.

  • We provide ongoing support

    We recognize estate plans should adapt over time as laws and life circumstances change. We are here to update documents, add codicils, or answer new questions as they inevitably arise over the years. You will get reliable guidance every step of the way – we will never leave you feeling ignored.

We strive to make an overwhelming process feel straightforward and manageable. We provide clarity around objectives. And open education throughout the process.

We’ve executed hundreds of estate plans. We can help you protect multi-generational wealth and successful asset transfers. We cover Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County.

Strategic preparation provides peace of mind and the gift of security. It helps protect people and causes that matter most beyond your lifetime. For us, it is a privilege to gain trusted insight and shape plans that preserve your life’s work. You can call us at 212-233-1233 or send us an email at [email protected]. We are ready to start working on your estate plan.

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