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New York City Guardianship Information

Individuals who require guardianship are vulnerable elements of society. Older adults, who have done well their entire lives, but are no longer able to take care of themselves. The intellectually disabled or developmentally disabled. The mentally ill. Injury victims. Each has a life story, and their cases are to be treated with extreme sensitivity and care.

Here is some basic information about New York guardianships:

Is it time to start a guardianship?

How to defend against a guardianship

Preventing financial abuse of seniors

What type of guardianship is right for my situation?

The three types of guardians

The responsibilities of a guardian

What does the guardian of a person do?

What does a guardian of property do?

How much does a guardian get in commissions?

The aim of guardianship is to better the lives of individuals who would otherwise be unable to take care of their basic needs. A natural consequence of guardianship is a sense of meaning and fulfillment in the life of the guardian. We feel privileged to be the law firm that makes that experience a reality.

New York guardianships are designed to allow the ward as much personal freedom as possible. The courts accomplish this by “narrowly tailoring” the powers of a guardian. Guardians are given only the powers necessary to meet the needs of the ward. For example, a particular ward may have difficulties paying bills but may be able to manage personal hygiene.

This website contains basic information about New York guardianship law. Those involved in a guardianship proceeding soon discover that basic information is never enough. If you find yourself in that situation, we highly recommend that you obtain the services of a qualified attorney experienced in New York guardianship proceedings.