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We are kinship attorneys based in New York City, since 2008. We have over two decades of combined experience. As the next of kin, you may be entitled to inherit. But claiming your rightful share requires going through the New York kinship process. We can help you fulfill your requirements of proving your relationship to your deceased cousin.

Our law firm is focused in cases just like these – helping cousins obtain inheritance through a complex court process called kinship proceedings.

With focused experience on cousin estate matters, we offer:

  • Guidance proving your family connection to the deceased
  • Representation through confusing legal terminology
  • Success securing rightful inheritance assets for heirs

The attorneys in our firm speak plain language, not legal jargon. We provide personalized attention so you feel supported securing inheritance from a deceased cousin’s estate.

Unsure where to turn after a cousin’s death without a will? We know this intricate process inside out. Contact us today to learn more and get a case assessment. You can call us at 212-233-1233 or send us an email at [email protected] to discuss your situation.

What We Do

An inheritance can only be disbursed after proper verification of eligible heirs. We work with professional genealogists to investigate potential cousins with claims per New York law. Once kinship is legally established in court, we shift focus to asset distribution.

We handle all matters related to securing your full lawful inheritance share, including:

  • Represent you in court

    We represent you through every step of the court process, with the goal of obtaining the decree of kinship.

  • Gather evidence

    We work closely with the family and a genealogist. They obtain all the necessary documents like birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, obituaries, probate records, and other documents required to prove kinship.

  • Help the genealogist

    We guide the genealogist through the process and assists the genealogist with putting together an affidavit and family tree with exhibits.

  • Perform due diligence

    We are involved in tracking down and contacting any potential cousin heirs of the deceased. This due diligence is required for the proceeding to conclude.

  • Prepare and file documents

    We organize all collected documents into a compelling submission that prove your relation to the deceased. Once a kinship attorney prepares the documents, they file it with the Surrogate’s Court.

  • Find witnesses

    The court requires a disinterested person and a person with knowledge of the family. We advise cousins of the requirements and vets the best people to be the witnesses for the cousins.

  • Resolve issues

    We help you resolve any issues that invariably come up.

  • Appear at kinship hearings

    We thoroughly prepare for each hearing and appear at kinship hearings, where the court hears from witnesses such as the cousins, disinterested witnesses with knowledge of the family, and genealogists.

  • Address disagreements

    If disagreements come up, we help you address them and either resolve them or win the argument.

  • Assist with asset distributions

    Once the court declares rightful heirs, we assist with the estate distribution process and ensure you receive your full inheritance share.

  • Advocate on your behalf

    With our experience and familiarity with judges and courts, we are equipped to advocate for your cousin inheritance rights.

Why Choose Us as Your New York City Kinship Attorneys

We have over two decades of combined experience handling kinship proceedings. We have the experience to protect your inheritance rights. We can guide you through the process, as we’ve done many times in the past.

Our firm spends a lot of time annually on cousin inheritance cases. Repeated exposure allows insightful guidance as we have seen all scenarios. Judges recognize our firm’s vast experience. Our efficiency shortens case timelines. Here’s an overview of what sets us apart as premier New York City kinship attorneys:

  • Individualized Client Counseling

    We believe supporting each heir requires dedicated time explaining procedures and paperwork and answering questions. Our senior staff provides customized guidance so you feel confident securing your lawful inheritance.

  • Proven Track Record

    Judges frequently approve our air-tight documentation of cousin connections and inheritance distribution requests without delay due to diligent filing. We get cases settled efficiently. We have successfully represented numerous cousins in obtaining decrees of kinship and claiming their rightful inheritance. We know what evidence the court requires and how to present it.

  • Making the Process Easier

    Petitioning the Surrogate’s Court for your entitled estate assets as kin can feel mystifying without a lawyer well-versed in protocols. We clarify each phase of the legal process so you feel empowered, not stressed through proceedings. We offer plain English guidance. We explain terminology and required filings in simple terms so you understand what’s happening. No question is too small or basic!

  • Courtroom Experience

    For many years, our firm has sharpened an approach to efficiently guiding clients through inheriting from deceased cousin estates without a will. We devote enormous firm resources annually to cousin cases, understanding their demands.

  • Courtroom Advocacy

    We advocate passionately on your behalf before the judge once petition motions are filed. We directly respond to all evidence questions persuasively citing documentation validity.

  • Efficient Processes

    By properly preparing kinship documentation and representing you in court, we can resolve your case faster than trying to navigate the process alone.

  • Reduced Stress

    We handle all aspects of the case and communications so you can focus on your life.

  • Reasonable Fees

    Our fees are fair and reasonable. We do not take a percentage of the inheritance.

  • Avoiding Mistakes

    We ensure filing deadlines are met and documentation is air-tight to prevent rookie errors.

  • Personal Service

    As a boutique firm, we provide customized attention and support for every client.

  • Compassionate Legal Counsel by Your Side

    We educate you on every phase of petitioning the Surrogate’s Court, while building air-tight documentation of lineage between you and the deceased cousin. Our attorneys provide compassionate counsel so you feel informed and empowered throughout.

With our counsel navigating procedures, you avoid common cousin claimant pitfalls. Contact our office for an assessment on securing your rightful inheritance from a deceased cousin affordably and transparently. Our decades focused on cousin kinship proceedings position us to help efficiently.

Losing an heir and close confidant like a cousin without a will can add anguish to grief. Yet in their passing, opportunity exists to carry part of their legacy. Navigating legal intricacies to claim rightful inheritance assets should not worsen heartache.

We at the Law Offices of Albert Goodwin have helped many cousins successfully inherit under New York law. With the benefit of our experience, you can feel confident your inheritance rights are protected. We are located in Midtown Manhattan, in New York City. We cover Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County. Call today to discuss your cousin inheritance case. You can call us at 212-233-1233 or send us an email at [email protected].

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