Experienced Attorney for Buying or Selling Your Business

My name is Albert Goodwin. I have been helping people buy and sell businesses since 2008. I represent clients in transaction involving the following types of business:
Insurance Agency
Gas Station
Shoe Repair
Nail Salon
Hair Salon
Car Wash
Liquor Store
Dry Cleaners
Funeral Home
Convenience Store 
Furniture Store or Mattress Store
99 Cents Store/Dollars Store/Value Store
Clothing Store, Shoe Store or Accessories Store

Estate Lawyer Albert Goodwin, Esq

A business transaction is a game in which the rules and the players can be changing. It has a lot of moving parts

It's important to have someone with you who has been through many business deals like yours before and who has the right perspective to get the deal done to your advantage.

As an attorney involved in buying and selling businesses all over New York, I will act as a trusted advisor and will make sure that the transaction is executed correctly and your interests are protected

So get in touch with my office and make an appointment if you'd like to discuss your transaction.

I look forward to working with you.

Representation for buying or selling a shoe repair, hair or nail salon, barbershop, laundromat or dry cleaners
If you're the seller, I can help you get paid smoothly. If you're the buyer, to get a profitable gas station without any issues down the road
Get a lawyer for buying or selling a grocery, convenience store, furniture store, liquor store, value store or clothing store
As the buyer, get an attorney to make sure you get existing insurance contracts. As a seller, make sure you get paid smoothly