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We are estate accounting attorneys in New York City. We have been practicing since 2008. We have handled all facets of estate accountings for our clients. We both put together accountings and contest accountings.

Estate accounting functions as the cornerstone of our practice. We continuously enhance our technical command of classification rules, schedule construction, highly detailed financial alignments and court interactions.

When an estate must prepare and file a court-mandated accounting, it can be a daunting process, especially if issues arise that call the accounting into question.

Our experienced New York, NY accounting attorneys assist in preparing accurate, complete, and compliant accountings that withstand court scrutiny. We evaluate complex financial statements and transaction records to assemble formalized Estate Accounting Forms. We also help executors and administrators interpret accounting rules and procedures correctly – pinpointing mistakes before filing to avoid costly delays and other hiccups.

Additionally, we represent estates facing contested accountings due to errors or inaccurate presentations of estate finances and distributions. We scrutinize questionable aspects of submitted accountings prepared by less skilled practitioners, then develop compelling legal arguments to defend your estate’s interests before the Surrogate’s Court. With deep insight into trustee responsibilities as well as transaction tracing and documentation rules, we identify weaknesses that can render parts or entire opposing accountings invalid.

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Our Estate Accounting Services

As experienced New York estate accounting attorneys, we provide complete accounting preparation and filing assistance or serve as advisors guiding you through the process yourself. Key areas where we support clients include:

  • Analyzing finances and transactions

    We thoroughly review all account records, like bank statements, brokerage reports, receipts, bills, and deeds. Our lawyers then comprehensively track cash inflows and outflows over the estate administration period. We also classify and document all transactions under the court’s accounting categories.

  • Preparing accounting forms and schedules

    Next, we compile the transaction analysis onto proper Accounting Forms and schedules. We ensure the Forms adhere precisely to New York requirements. The schedules provide tailored itemizations of expenses, distributions, assets sold, and more.

  • Ensuring accuracy and compliance

    Our lawyers double-check totals, reconciliations and supporting details. We fix mathematical inconsistencies and reclassify transactions that don’t adhere to rules. This ensures full accuracy and compliance before filing with the Surrogate’s Court.

  • Contesting accountings

    We also represent estates facing accountings with glaring errors or discrepancies from less qualified preparers. We work swiftly to get erroneous accountings amended or thrown out completely.

Why Choose Us as Your New York City Estate Accounting Attorneys

As veteran estate accounting attorneys based in New York City, we intimately understand the wealth documentation and transactions tracing our local courts require before approving final estate accountings. We’ve spent years mastering compliant procedures and proper presentation formats to expedite clients’ accounting cycles.

With an A+ rating from the BBB and outstanding reviews from past clients, rely on our experienced accounting lawyers for the best chance of sailing through the Surrogate’s Court’s evaluation without extended back and forth.

  • In-depth accounting knowledge

    You can rely on our seasoned legal team’s intricate understanding of estate accounting procedures and forms. We keep up-to-date on the latest rule changes so your accounting filings remain fully compliant.

  • Years of New York City-specific experience

    Since 2008, we have prepared estate accountings specifically for New York Surrogate’s Courts’ expectations. We understand exactly how judges want to see transactions classified and documentation presented.

  • We handle the calculations and documentation for you

    We do the estate accounting heavy lifting, including gathering all records necessary, tracking and tallying complex finances, meeting strict documentation standards, and constructing accurate schedules and forms. This saves executors substantial administrative headaches.

  • Strong Record with New York Courts

    Over 15+ years, we’ve developed best-practice accounting techniques that satisfy judges and withstand scrutiny upon filing. We also argue improper accountings successfully using our command of filing requirements.

Do not risk missteps, delays, or potentially higher taxes over mishandled accountings. Connect with our reliable NYC estate accounting lawyers today to ensure efficient accounting filings or challenge questionable accountings by less qualified advisors. We cover Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County. You can call us at 212-233-1233 or send us an email at [email protected].

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