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New York Inheritance Lawyer Albert Goodwin, Esq.

I am an inheritance lawyer with almost a decade of experience. I practice in in New York City, with court appearances all over the five boroughs ā€“ Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. I also do some work in Westchester County, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

My practice involves all matters having to do with estates, such as:

I enjoy my job. Helping people deal with estatesĀ is my passion. Believe it or not, being an inheritance lawyer what I do for fun! I draft documents, talk to clients and send emails after I come home from work.

I treat my client like family. Iā€™m available at all hours, and make sure that all of my clientsā€™ needs are met, questions answered, documents done, and their goals are on the way to getting accomplished, whether itā€™s making a will or a trust, closing up probate of an estate, or winning inheritance litigation case.

If you are an executor who wishes to protect the estateĀ youā€™re charged with from unreasonable claims, I can help you fight back and preserve the plan of the person who has set up the estate.Ā A beneficiary who feels being cheated out of an inheritance? I can help you get the propertyĀ you deserve.Ā An executor or administrator who wishes to quickly and efficiently probate an estate? I can help you with that.Ā If you would like to make a will or a trust and make sure that your estate goes to the people whom you want it to go to, I can draft those documents for you.

If you are looking for a New York inheritance lawyer, you can call me, Albert Goodwin, Esq. at (212) 233-1233.